Friday, December 16, 2011

The holiday blues...

So job is the holiday season treating you? Are you finding that there are less jobs posted online? Have recruiters and hiring managers gone into vacation mode and they're not looking at job apps until January? It is frustrating, we know. However, don't give up!

Things have definitely slowed down around here but that does not stop us from networking at holiday parties and family get-togethers. Definitely let those around you know that you're still looking for a job and also what field/industry you're interested in. You never know if they might know of somebody who is hiring.

Also, don't stop applying to jobs you see posted online/newspapers/anywhere else or hear about through word of mouth just because it's the holidays. Keep at it and don't break the momentum. We all know how easy it is to procrastinate (umm...there's a reason my treadmill is dusty) and once you go down that path, it's really difficult to pull yourself out of it.

One more thing, we have gone international! Our European counterparts are also feeling the sting of this global recession (that just won't seem to end!). However, it seems that it is more standard for companies in countries like The Netherlands and Germany to send out rejection letters than it is here in the US. You can check out our Euro buddies at:


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